Not a diva but diva worthy events!
While one of your biggest challenges may be in bringing all your decisions together into one cohesive and beautiful design, that's my favorite part! I have a diverse blend of graphic, floral and event design experience that contribute to my love of a beautifully thought out environment for wedding guests to enjoy. I now focus my energy on specialty table linen rentals that tie everything together and dramatically elevate the design and guest experience!  

The business side....
Let's get personal....
Self-proclaimed anti-plain white linens activist
mac n' cheese & dark chocolate obsessed
kitchen dance party enthusiast
I love to utilize textures
Always consider what the lighting will be
wife & mom to boy/girl twin toddlers
Don't rely too much on napkins for color,
they're out of sight as soon as your guests sit
heart to Jesus
 I believe in events that create a sense of awe and excitement through thoughtful design.
Luxury linens provide color and texture that elevate your entire design and create a
special experience for each guest to enjoy.

Is Design Diva the right linen rental company for you?

If you're just looking for something to cover the tables and you don't really care what it is. I believe table linens play a big factor in the look of the room, so if you just want the most basic white option available then I'm not going to be the right fit.
If you're not looking to spend much but you're really wanting that special something for your sweetheart/head table or cake table...
Or the plain options offered by your venue just seem like a let down and don't match the vision you have....
Or you really want to find something unique that not everyone else is doing...
Or the decor is one of your top priorities for the wedding and you want to make sure all the elements are tied together with gorgeous linens...
I could go on, but basically if you care about your decorations then we are a match! 
Let's do this,
send me your wish list!