Unique table linens for social and 
corporate events.
Cohesive decor and layout planning for corporate events.
Design plans for
restaurants, retail window displays and more.
Who is the Design Diva?
My name is Julie Redmond and if you know me, I’m far from a diva but I like to create “diva worthy” spaces!
I am an entrepreneur at heart and always coming up with ideas. My inspiration comes from Pinterest, Instagram, in everyday items and who knows where I dream up some of this! l have a love for repurposed décor and creating new things by hand (or convincing my husband to help make it!). I love to organize -
not to be confused with cleaning! All of these elements are a part of my design aesthetic and whether the style is fun and whimsical, romantic, modern, or super glamorous, I strive to bring a level of sophistication to everything I do. In a nutshell, I’m always up for a design challenge of any kind. I’m here to listen, to dream, to reinvent, and to make things happen!
Who am I in the everyday?
A wife, mom to toddler twins, dark chocolate and mac n cheese lover, kitchen dance party enthusiast,
meal planner, non-stop thinker and dreamer, optimist, and most importantly a follower of Jesus.
How did I get here?
My journey consists of a diverse blend of design experiences:
---   A degree in graphic design.
---   In the earlier years of Design Diva, I provided event design consulting and with the help of my team, produced custom drapery and non-floral decor for weddings, fundraisers, and other social and corporate events in the Tristate area.
---   The start of my career began with years of experience working with event florists.
---   I utilized my knowledge of the floral & wedding industry to create another business, Design by the Blossom, a virtual floral design website which is pretty epic if I say so myself.
---   My etsy shop, Lines Defined, features custom printables  
---   A constant in this journey, is meeting fellow business owners and I thrive on creating design concepts that share the amazing talent these people have with their community.
So what is it that I design?
Well, a little bit of everything! I enjoy taking on a design challenge, so you won’t ever find an exclusive list of what I offer. But let’s face it “design” is a pretty broad term, so let me narrow it down at least a little bit!
---   Specialty table linen rentals for weddings, other social or corporate events
 An in-person fabric review session is encouraged to ensure you achieve a cohesive look with the rest of your decor
---   Event design & layout planning for corporate events
My approach is to first identify the functional needs of the space to create an efficient layout, and then design a cohesive environment with all the decor elements that reinforce the brand/theme/style of the party
---   Restaurant design consulting
If you’re opening a restaurant or need a design revamp of an established space, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and capture the essence of you and your business and what you offer. This assessment allows me to create a design plan that ensures your space has the right balance of unique decor and branding elements that generate a memorable eatery for customers to keep coming back 
---   All other cool spaces that needs some design love…retail windows, office space, home event or holiday decorating… I can’t wait to hear about your space!

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